Log-in & Registration

Benefits of registration

By becoming a member of the Beach 116th Partnership you are making a statement that you and your business are committed to improving the Rockaways.  A member has the ability to help decide the direction of the Partnership with their voting rights at General Meetings.  You will also have the ability to nominate officers, or become an officer yourself.  The more you participate the better we’ll be able to make the Rockaway Beach community achieve its potential!


Also by being a member you’ll receive announcements regarding events, programs and Partnership activities going on in the neighborhood.  Membership will also provide exclusive participation and exposure in some of our events as well as increased advertisement on our website, social media, and publications.  As a member of the Partnership you’ll have additional opportunity to network with fellow business owners and employees.  Partnership staff can also be a resource for retail marketing, navigating City government, and providing neighborhood statistical data.  The addition of your business with the Partnership will help make the Rockaway business environment stronger and our community more resilient!

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